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Sexy, Sassy, Sensational, and Savage
You've got the inbox of Jennifer Walters, the original She-Hulk. I'm away either in court, saving the world, or having a personal life.

If this is a superhuman emergency, please hang up and call your local SHIELD office or Avenger Affiliate. If this is a legal emergency and you don't get a responses within six hours, please contact secondary council. For anything else, leave a message after the beep. I'll get back to you when I can.
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Since my faith in LJ has pretty nearly failed, Jen's joining in the possibly moving to DW crowd and she's over this away.

Of course, there's always the chance LJ will actually listen to its client base, maybe.
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Ok, Jen is ridiculous. I ended up doing a fraction of the people she would have to save my brain and I know I missed people. Feel free to remind me.
Stuff for: Aeron, Billy, Carol, Coco, Gem, Hank, JP, Julian, Leif, Matthew, Metody, Michael, Nate, and Sarah.Collapse )


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At this point I'm working on an hour's sleep and too many hours reviewing organic chem and evolution. Which means Jen is providing a running commentary as I'm reviewing for evo, which included:

"Bruce is apparently the ultimate naked mole rat queen."

"I wonder if being on the far end of the altruism bell curve will ultimately help or hurt my long term fitness."

"So...periods causes cancer?"

"They seriously just used chimps and bonobos to say that species with cultures that are male dominated are more likely to be clannish violent bastards while those dominated by females are more likely to be free love enclaves that are permissive of every kind of sexual behavior. That is either awesome or terrible."

...Four hours before nap time. Explanations are available, you know, if I remember why.


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[Left as a voicemail.]

Hey, I was hoping we would get a chance to talk soon. Give me a call when you get this.


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Having housewarming/tree decorating/excuse to eat and drink with friends at [New Address] with the roommate. Providing cookies, music, spiked eggnogg, and  pizza if enough people show up. Accepting food, liquor, or glittery things to hang on the tree.

[Edit: Have a silver haired Jen so we don't have to make all this up]
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So, I made my monthly pilgrimage to my local comic book shop today and had a moment of weakness. I try not to follow big Marvel events unless they focus on one of my favorite characters, and given that they killed off Bullseye in the last one, I've been resisting Fear Itself. Plus, I'm horrible at reading team based series because I have a tendency to skip over the bits that don't have the character I'm reading it for in. But it was a Jen fix without a red hulk, so I got it. 

Parts of it were meh. I mean, Jen's the fear based equivalent of Bruce. In a fear infected world she'd be terrifyingly strong and/or completely out of control. Instead, she's the voice of reason who gets her ass handed to her, repeatedly.  But there were two scenes made the four issues worth it. So, I wrote them out because they make me happy:

[Fearsome Foursome #3]
In Which Jen Confronts A World Where Heroes May Not MatterCollapse )

[Fearsome Foursome #4]

In Which Jen Confronts Her Biggest FearCollapse )


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Cut because I care.Collapse )


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Jen was surprised and pleased by the fact Luke had offered to drive down to see her. He was a New York City man, and she was working. But then, she should be more used to being able to depend on him. She was learning to enjoy it.


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